Statement of Purpose

I always like to read predigested material.  And I like people to tell me the point, so I can spend the least effort trying to comprehend it.  Educators in my past hopefully taught me items I could use in the future.   And if I missed their teachings, it was only because I was oblivious or sleepy.  So let’s use what they taught.

The new teachers are those actual experts who happen to lack recognized credentials, while those with recognized credentials raise the price and become too expensive to reference.

Employers will find my hobbies and my career interests so useful that they will contact me through social media.

Broadly said, my hobby interests are second languages, middle-age fitness, nutrition and  forensic clear-thinking abilities.

And broadly said, my career interests include staying current in the traditional education I have already completed.  Those include business, marketing methods, technical communications and journalism, drafting and CAD, applied mathematics, and beginner level computer information systems programming.

(c) Copyright K Jay Willis 2016


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