SSL Chronicle – 10Feb2016

SPANISH SSL (1st 2 hours)

– Get two hours in Spanish. Start 930am. 10,.,.,., (40minutes),.,., (One hour),., 50 minutes left and additionally two years for today.,.,., 20 minutes left.,., 10 minutes left. Done.

Android Playstore: Spanish Flashcards, BH, Inc. – Best bet. Easiest

The corporate workshop trips demand four hours each day, at a minimum.  I really need to study an additional two hours today and each day, since I’m working for myself.  A corporate headhunter will say, “We don’t need anyone else because Jay already knows Spanish.” Well if the point was bilingual skills, then all I need to add is bilingual skills; to my two university degrees, three technical diplomas and two associates degrees.  I should be in like Flint (IN LIKE FLINT, 1967).

Pulling the set teeth from an 18 year old’s jaw. Lord this is tough.
Calendar. 28, 27, 24 vocabulary words. Easy peezzy.
Meat and poultry. 27 words. Easy.
Vegetables are a bear, because there are 40 vocabulary words.
It’s like being behind three church ladies in a checkout, one of which is counting fishing for her credit card. Delayed.
Kim Komando, Leo Laporte, The Tech Guy
Whatever you feed gets stronger.

SPANISH SSL (2nd 2 hours)

Start 3:19 pm

.,.,.,.,.,.,.,40 minutes to go for 2 hours,.,.,

(c) Copyright K Jay Willis 2016



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