Entertainers, Pastors and Participation Rate

Entertainers and pastors can provide the fire to get people working, then buy tickets and make donations.

It’s the business of pop culture, entertainment, and religion, to tell us that they are indispensable for our basic needs.

Unless we give a major share of our time, our attention, and our money to them, we won’t succeed. Make a need and fill it. And that explains why it’s hard for many parents to get their kids to study. Soon nobody will have the money to attend an act or pay for the building fund.

That’s the power of peer pressure. And it also explains why companies and chambers of commerce can’t find people who are adequately trained, in this highly technological environment.

So each entertainer and pastor says that I can’t possibly mean them, because they are the one indispensable act in our day. I challenge each entertainer and pastor to use the same aggressiveness and charm that got them their gigs in the first place, and use it on their audiences instead of their agents and the competition.

Raise the participation rate.
(c) Copyright K Jay Willis 2016 All Rights Reserved


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