SSL Blog – 20160216 (Day 7)

—– I am changing my approach to this flashcard list, in a few days. My current practice is rudimentary reading of 1,300 Spanish nouns. The practice involves recognition of a Spanish word, for what it means in English. But now I need a more difficult exercise of knowing what English word is in Spanish. That involves rudimentary writing of roughly 1,000 Spanish nouns. Conversational skills are way off the map, and are incredibly difficult.

—– If I know a set of words, such as Utility Tools or Office Tools, I just go through that set once for 1-1/2 minutes or two minutes. Otherwise, I spend up to twenty minutes to gain familiarity and confidence. I’m already comfortable with each of these set of words. And my other sets of flashcards include MLB teams, SEC teams, NFL teams. And another set of flashcards is my PLUs for fruits and vegetables produce. I like to practice and know facts about the hobbies that interest me.

—– If an employer has me as a Spanish bilingual, they don’t need somebody else as a bilingual. Also if I have the bilingual Spanish skills, yet am only a light-weight beginner on the company’s core product; the employer can bring in a headcount who is a hard-core expert on the company’s core product but who only knows English.

—– I think more about meeting basic thresholds, and gaining available certifications, than absolute undeniable fluency. Many employers only want employees who meet a basic bilingual standard, and don’t require absolute undeniable fluency. I am easy on myself, while I seek employers who want only basic fluency. I give them what they want. So I would be the bilingual while the other crewmember is the product expert. That way the crew covers all seats well. And we only gain product knowledge while working on the job, inside the company, for an extended period of time.

—– Anyway, with my current practice I can know a Spanish word’s meaning. But if you gave me an English word, and asked me for the equivalent Spanish word; I wouldn’t know it. Reading Spanish is easier than writing Spanish.

—– Also, the Spanish Flashcard android app by BH only teaches one way. It is for rudimentary reading. I’ll have to manually make flashcards or use a different android app, for the mental transposition from English to Spanish. I may have to make my own, to help me with my Spanish written skills.

—– I really need to complete these four hours of daily study before the evening starts. Earlier daily study demonstrates discipline.

—– I’m using the free app called Spanish Flashcards, by B.H. Inc., from the Android Playstore.


(c) Copyright K Jay Willis 2016 All Rights Reserved.

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