SSL Daily Chronicle – 20160216 (Day 7)

This is four hours of daily SSL Study, for Spanish as a Second Language.

Studying is hard work.  I document for myself to others.  And I try to help others with realistic expectations, about the difficulty of the study of second languages.

Start 3:00 pm.

  • Objects – Utility Tools (42). Unfamiliar material.
  • Objects – Office Tools (22).Unfamiliar material.
  • Objects – Automobiles (51).  Unfamiliar material.

One hour finished. Three hours remain.

  • Objects – Automobiles (51).  Unfamiliar material.
  • Objects – Garden and Yard (46). Unfamiliar material.
  • Objects – Kitchen (64).  Unfamiliar material.

Two hours finished. Two hours remain.

These are unfamiliar to me:  Kitchen, Appliances, House, Bathroom, Clothing and Dining Room.  The familiar sets of flashcards start from Direction and Money forward.
  • Objects – Kitchen (64).  Unfamiliar material.
  • Objects – Appliances (34).
  • Objects – House (77).
Four hours finished.
—– I’m using the free app called Spanish Flashcards, by B.H. Inc., from the Android Playstore.


(c) Copyright K Jay Willis 2016 All Rights Reserved.

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