Another Application Rejection

—–Here’s the text of another help wanted ad, that rejected me because I’m not bilingual.

“58232 Claim Associate-ILR GA, Dunwoody 2/19/2016 “
“The opportunity for which you applied will primarily assist our customers who prefer to speak in a language other than English. The posting specifies in the Additional Information section that advanced fluency in the designated language is required. Your application does not indicate the bilingual skills necessary to perform the job. For this reason, you will no longer be considered for this particular job opening. However, your information will remain in our system for future potential matches. “
“If you do possess advanced fluency in a language other than English, please update your application at your earliest convenience so this skill is reflected when you apply to future job postings.”

—–So please don’t tell me that I can immediately land a job just by pounding on another door.  Presently, I can only land a job if I add a second language.  Otherwise, my process of canvassing job boards will be fruitless.

—–It’s not a government problem, or an illegal immigration problem.  These independent companies insist on people with bilingual skills, apart from any governmental influence.  The companies simply ask for it.  I’m current, so I’m trying to upgrade my job skills.


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