Email to Sporting News Radio – 3Apr2009

Keywords: Children of the Gray Area, CGA, Generation of Insecurity, GIST, Media is the Mentor —–
Arnie Spanier – Sporting News Radio – Marketing Keywords
jay willis <jay.willis@yahoo.com>
04/03/09 at 1:06 PM
To aspanier@sportingnews.com
I listen to your show from time to time and enjoy same.

I am homegrown from Georgia and am marketing several terms.
Could you float a few keywords in your print items to spike the field?
Like the several thousands of people who write material for pay, I might also write a book about these terms.
Rather than sit at home watching the painting dry, I actually think that this could work some day.

The Generation of Insecurity
The Children of the Gray Area
Media is the Mentor


Jay Willis
BA Communications, BBA Marketing
AAT-Computer Information Systems
Phone: [..omitted..]
Email: jay.willis@yahoo.com

Jay Willis
BA Communications, BBA Marketing
AAT-Computer Information Systems
Phone: [..omitted..]
Email: jay.willis@yahoo.com

“The Generation of Insecurity” ( c ) 2008

To follow the baby-boomer generation (1946 – 1964), the x-generation (1964-1980, and the y-generation (1980-2000); I have found that the generation from 2000-2020 will be “The Generation of Insecurity”
( c ) 2008. It is bounded by 9/11 and two decades hence.

The Generation InSecurity ( c ) 2008 is characterized by high speeds of communication, cheap access to communication tools, and unchecked authority to entry points of communication.

The Media is the Mentor  ( c ) 2008.

Within this environment the boundaries of information, media, and marketing all blur.

Communication speeds of internet, cellular, et al., continue to increase.  The download limits continue to disappear through all channels.  The cost of access to communication tools continues to drop.  Those communication tools are internet, mobile devices, netbooks, laptops and the like.  The authority to entry points of communication were checked by parental controls.  Previously parents were experts at those entry points.  The authority was based on knowledge, expertise, and ownership.  As examples, reference the phone, the fax, the wire, and the walkie-talkie.  You could also argue that the creation and use of snail-mail was limited to the parent because of the learning curve on literacy.  These were instruments of the parent and only options of the off-spring.  The internet and the cellphone usurped the parental authority.

Where the boundaries of knowledge, expertise and ownership disappeared; the authority for usage is based only on possession.  Anybody of any age can possess access to the internet and to a cellphone.  After the possession of a communications entry point, the only parental check is on usage.  The parent cannot be by the child until the child leaves the house.

That leaves only the media to raise the offspring.  When the media realizes this, they also must bundle family values along with the sales pitch.  Such bundling assures the seller that they will have healthy buyers in the future.

Those borne in this era are called “The Children of the Gray Area.” ( c ) 2008

“The Generation of Insecurity”( c ) 2008, “The Children of the Gray Area” (c) 2008, and “The Media is the Mentor”(c) 2008 are copyrights of Jay Willis (BBA, BA), Marietta , GA.  All rights reserved.


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