Fitness Diary

Same: Partial and Actual Chin-ups – 3Mar2016, Sat.

—– The chin-up assists have progressed into a timid unassisted chin-up without machine assist.
—– There are many styles of chin-ups.  Some prefer to go all the way to the bottom then up.  Some prefer to always put their chin above the bar.  Some claim a partial chin-up is the same as an actual whole chin-up.
—– I’m not going to diminish my own chin-up ability, but I’ll describe it and you be the judge.
—– As an aside, I’ve never been able to do a chin-up.  So the muscles and elbows don’t have the proper tissue, the proper motion, and the proper support; they’ve never learned.
—– Anyway, I stand on the raised platform steps, with arms bent 90 degrees, and with hands grasping the bar.  Palms are towards me, which defines the chin-up.  I release my feet from the steps.  Then I hold my position with arms bent 90 degrees.  With suspense and mystery, I compress and bend my elbows slightly, then release, then bend, then release, and repeat it three times through.  Then I rest for four minutes by a clock and repeat the sequence three times.
—– I’ve seen many fitness enthusiasts who never do raise their chin above the bar.  They raise their forehead to the bar and pump their biceps with partials.  They call those chin-ups.  So I’ll call my partials to be actual chin-ups also.
—– With a 40-pound assist, I can easily raise my chin above the bar.  But I’ve been working on that for several months.  So I’m going to call my partial chin-ups to be actual chin-ups, while my biceps and elbow joints gain the conditioning they require.  In several months, I may be able to raise my chin above the bar without assist.
—– I’ll claim a chin-up and not go against the trend.


(c) Copyright K Jay Willis 2016 All Rights Reserved.


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