Email#2 – CoastToCoastAM – 18Oct2010

Keywords: Shumiwa —–
From: olin sayre
Sent: Monday, October 18, 2010 8:04 PM
To: george@coasttocoastam.com
Cc: olin.sayre@gmail.com
Subject: The Correct Use of Shumiwa – Part 2
Quite honestly, I was going to enjoy developing Shumiwa in the academic environment.  But since the job market dislikes those 40+, it does not look like I am going to afford the college/university environment until I reach early 62.  At this rate, that is about 10 years away.  It would have been nice to develop the full enjoyment of Shumiwa and distribute it as a tool for fun.
But Shumiwa is being hijacked daily into thug-signs and put-downs.  And since I do not have the resources, such negative games will take the academic fun out of the entire Shumiwa Theory.
The proper way is for me to get a job (UPS, Temp Service, EntryLevel, Intern).  Then I can do the proper academic presentation with web sale.  I must say, I really do not like (1) the audience that has adopted it, (2) the way that they have adopted it either.
On top of that, the economy is flat and hiring is slow demographically.  I cannot see light-of-day for several years.
Darn, Shumiwa was supposed to be a happy venture with a few flights of fantasy.

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