Email – InTouch Ministries – 9Oct2011

SUBJECT: The Occupy efforts.  And Wallstreet is working against “profits”, “production” and “the prayer list”. —–


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Sent: Sunday, October 09, 2011 9:38 AM
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Subject: Wallstreet is working against “profits”, “production” and “the prayer list”.
“Occupy …” is a lot closer to the issues than “The Tea Party”. Although it does not exactly address the issues, nothing is perfect. And not everybody can even get to these rallies. As a focal point for many issues, “Occupy …” comes closest. My slice is that Wallstreet encourages the average worker’s poor attitude towards work. Wallstreet’s indirect effect is to make sure that academicians and over-educated people NEVER work next to the average worker. And average workers are everywhere. So academicians and over-educated people don’t have any opportunities at all. My slice is that the average worker ruins the work environment and Wallstreet encourages it to get more profits for themselves.
News networks don’t make the news, they report on it. News networks really appreciate it when people speak for themselves. News networks know there are many issues that need to be addressed, but they cant report on those issues unless somebody from the audience goes “on cam”. So news networks really appreciate the “Occupy …” efforts. “Occupy …” gives a venue to discuss many issues that sterile “The Tea Party” leaves behind.
Re: Prayer List… There’s really no point of being on prayer lists for this issue.  You know, as a minister, that the human nature for employees is to protect their own turf.  Workers could care less for social issues or political issues so long as their turf is secure.  And Wallstreet knows that too.  So Wallstreet encourages workers to be comfortable.  If an over-educated worker makes the turf-war of the average worker uncomfortable, Wallstreet will extract that over-educated worker and lay-off, fire, or force them to quit.  Once it gets started, there is no ending it.
I believe in the worthwhile nature of the prayer list.  But Wallstreet is working against that same list as they favor the average worker, nobody gets ahead.  In essence, Wallstreet is working against “profits”, “production” and “the prayer list”.
I watch your message Sunday mornings on cable.


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