Email – McConnell – 18Oct2010

Keywords: Shumiwa, Buzz  —–
From: phil sims
Sent: Monday, October 18, 2010 7:11 PM
To: mcconnell@premierradio.com
Cc: psphilsims20@gmail.com
Subject: The Correct use of Shumiwa
You know, you guys sometimes point down arbitrarily as a Shumiwa gesture.
The underclass and low-income people rarely get the subtleties.
Shumiwa was originally created as an academic and theoretical exercise to advance communications theory.
Instead of connecting with the great grassroots arena, an over-usage of Shumiwa can confuse, overwhelm and irritate many people who are surviving on less than adequate nutrition.
Just as with academic testing, you have to be nutritionally fed and feel good about yourself before you undertake academic rigors.
Similarly with Shumiwa, many will endure and tolerate such exercises but not appreciate it.
You see such with the harassment actions that supervisors only hear about years after the fact.  But while the supervisor partakes of such behavior as appropriate, the underling thinks just the opposite.
Shumiwa and Buzz can be as much about domination as any other form of speech.
As with anything else generally, it is best to talk from the heart.  It is best to connect with people on their own level.
Shumiwa may not be the best choice for many.  And even for academicians, Shumiwa may not be the best way to reach them.

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