Chin-Up Assists. Thats a wrap.

Chin-up assist. I went from a hundred pound chin-up machine assist down to a 40 pound assist . Then I took it to a 25-pound assist and then down to a 10-pound assist. I attribute that to eating more than 120 grams of protein spread through the day , including protein powder, mackerel, and chicken. But when I reduced it from a 10-pound assist down to a 0 pound assist, that was another matter. I was doing all of my assists in full street clothing , but I did my 0 pound assist in gym clothing. So I guess I was wearing 10 pounds of street clothing, while a T-shirt and gym shorts weigh nothing. So that’s how I took it from 10 pounds assist down to a 0 pound assist. Now I’ll grant you that it’s not a pure chin up , because I’m still doing a whole lot of kick and helping myself by wrapping my legs around the columns to raise up. But it’s close enough for me , for this week.
You really don’t lose that much muscle over 2 months. I was watching the television show called fit2fat2fit. A personal trainer went from his routine size, and gained 50 pounds for his client. Then he lost 50 pounds along with his client losing 50 pounds, and they did it together. But when the personal trainer gained his 50 pounds over 2 months, he went back into the gym to get a routine. At the end of two months the personal trainer, having gained 50 pounds, could still do rope climbs and a chin-up when at the top. That tells me that muscle, after it’s gained, doesn’t degrade that quickly. So even though I’m concentrating on chin-ups right now, I don’t worry too much that my leg strength, back strength, or abdominal strength are decreasing. They will come back in due time, and probably quickly. So I’m spending these two months or 3 months to get good chin-ups down. I’m not doing any other exercise except for chin-ups. Because every time I do a different exercise it detracts my muscles from the chin up, and I get tired and then I don’t want to do chin-ups at all for that day. So all I’ve been doing is chin ups for two months.


Copyright (c) K Jay Willis 2016 All Rights Reserved.


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