Chin-Ups, Dips, Progression

—– Your muscles don’t just get out of bed, knowing how to do chin-ups.  I learned to do them through developing my ability to do dips.

—– I only learned to do dips after moped accidents, that bruised my ribs and my knees.  I had to lift myself off the toilet, with my arms.  And after repeatedly lifting myself, involving triceps, I walked into the gym one day able to do dips.

—– So frequent low-repetition exercise caused the triceps to grow.  My abdomen, rib cage and my knees weren’t able to lift anything.  The bulk of the lift fell on the triceps and shoulders.  I extended that method to my chin-ups.

—– So I go to the gym for a half-hour several times a day.  Those are called two-a-day and three-a-day.  They are also called two-fers and three-fers.  But there has to be several hours of muscle rest between session.

—– I don’t argue with the results.  Over several months, I loaded less assisted weight and lifted more body weight on the assisted chin-up machine.  And I continue to keep the schedule of several half-hour sessions, during several times each day, with three to four hours rest between session.


Copyright (c) K Jay Willis 2016 All Rights Reserved.


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