Fitness Diary

Trim those Callouses

—– The callouses on the ridges of my palms are so large that they are shedding.  But it’s good that they aren’t blistering.  I soaked my hand in a bucket of water, and scrapped the excess callous with nose clippers and a paring knife.  I left plenty of callous for the next day’s chin-ups.

—– I completed multiple sets of five repetitions at-will, on assisted chin-ups, at 210 pounds (230 pounds of body weight minus twenty pounds of assist). I’m calling that a success. And those are all with the chin above-the-bar. It’s all good and all bonus.

—– And a crossfit-type lady gym rat urged me to return to my yoga, BOSU balance, leg presses and abdomen core exercises.  I’m thinking of consolidating my three-a-day and four-a-day chin-up sessions back into the one-a-day and two-a-day regular sessions.

—– The gym appears to be saying that I am much healthier and thinner with my regular pre-chin-up routine, than with my present routine.  My present routine pulls me into the regular body type of the fat man, with polarized and useless upper body strength.


Copyright (c) K Jay Willis 2016 All Rights Reserved.


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