Less TV More Radio

Less TV More Radio for March 2016 – Nov 2016

——- I’m listening to radio more because it has less political commentary. Read that as radio has less political discussion than television.
—– And for the next nine months, I leave my TV packed back into its box.
—– I do welcome the open fertile exchange of all concerned parties. If you want to push your agenda, you’ll just have to meet me and give your two cents.
—– But for the next nine months, if I can hold to this, I concentrate more on work. Oh, I’ll still see TV because it’s everywhere. Mainly I watch TV at the gym. And of course, I concentrate more on defensive driving because I’m not thinking about politics; there’s no radio in the car.
—– I encourage the robust interchange of political ideas, but I just move my person to the room where it doesn’t occur.

Copyright (c) K Jay Willis 2016 All Rights Reserved.


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