Shumiwa (c) 2007

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Shumiwa (c) 2007
Shumiwa (c) This communication method starts with Laserfields Model as a base. The sender, encoder, communication channel (message), decoder, receiver and feedback are all included. But the communication channel is split into verbal and non-verbal components. Within those components, the verbal side of communication has its parts as does the non-verbal side. Those parts of verbal and nonverbal communication are described in classical communication science. Where those parts were considered to be in harmony, SHUMIWA ( c ) explores sending different messages via each of the components. The skill of the communicator limits or expands the number of messages. Comprehension is of course important. The width of the communication band is useless unless the receiver can understand each and all of the messages put forth. The content and consequences are left up to the sender and receiver. You also explore the sender who says a lot but nobody can understand anything. You also explore the receiver who received a lot but nobody said anything. Shumiwa covers print, radio, visual arts, movies, television, and cable. The defining components of communication of those media are described by the experts in those fields of media.
Shumiwa (c) 2007 are copyrights of Jay Willis (BBA, BA), Marietta , GA. All rights reserved.


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