#4 – That Temp Bucket

—– The temp employee now occupies a buffer status, that companies previously put in a different bucket.
—– Companies didn’t out-source these employees.  They put them in a common bucket of underlings, Dilberts, new-hires, rookies, disposables, protégées and part-timers.  Old companies padded their payrolls with the under-paid, like there was no tomorrow.
—– Rookies were the company’s insulation.  The competition was tremendous among the underlings to raise themselves to be an indispensable full-timer.  So pad those payrolls again, with the direct permanent underpaid underlings.
—– But the “MBA balance sheet mentality” teaches company officers to out-source, out-place, and export all the non-essential personnel into for-profit temp companies, that truely are grind mills and churn mills.
—– And unless the principal companies do that, their peers and competition consider them weak.  The incentive really isn’t profit, it’s sector popularity.
—– Is there another way companies can pursue measurable profit and win?

Copyright (c) 2016 K Jay Willis, All Rights Reserved.


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