#5 – Banks Pressure

More Production with Less Headcount
—– Business owners and supervisors get pressure to operate with less headcount.
—– Banks tell owners their costs are too high because they have an inefficient workforce.
—– And second-level managers tell their frontline managers to operate with five people instead of six.
—– Even the business curricula tell operators their sector should be able to do tasks with 50 people instead of 55 people.
—– Business owners and supervisors want to look smart in front of their bank and their upline manager.
—– But think for yourself.  Does your product really get better just because you have less people making it.
—– And the time it took you to find the one person who can do the work of two could be better spent in team-building and sales.
—– So the next time the industry magazine brags about lean and mean remember everybody is really in the business of sales.

Copyright (c) 2016 K Jay Willis, All Rights Reserved.


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