Chin-ups, Abs and Hernias.

Keywords: Chin-Ups. Chinups. Sit-Ups. Situps. Stomach. Abdominals. Biceps
—– Chin-ups involve the abdominals, because there’s a kick-up associated with the chin-up.  Each time a person does a chin-ups, they tense the abdominals to lift the legs.  Everytime I see a person do a chin-up, they always do a partial “L” with their legs.  That’s all okay, except if you’re doing high repetitions.
—– I’ll admit that I’ve increased the strength and size of my biceps and forearms.  But now I’ve strained my abdominals also.  And I need to rest them.  Who would have imagined that stomach muscles are used so much in chin-ups?
—– It’s almost as bad as those Presidential Fitness Award sit-ups, that primary schools required of students.  During Phys Ed (Physical Education), every primary school student had to do a test of 100 straight-leg sit-ups and other exercises.  So every student who never exercised would do these 100 sit-ups. Those 100 sit-ups were very easy.  We didn’t have mentors either.
—– So the next day we couldn’t even straighten at all.
—– But after a rest, the bicep muscles, from the chin-ups, stay intact.  I watched Fit2Fat2Fit, where the personal trainer purposely gained 50 pounds and didn’t workout for four months.  But after the four months of laziness was over, he could still climb the rope with a follow-up chin-up at the top.
—– So I can rest my stomach muscles for several weeks, while not doing any chin-ups for several weeks, and those muscles will still be ready when my abdominals feel better.
Copyright (c) 2016 K Jay Willis.


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