Profit Margin Infinity. PRate Zero.

—– If the boss said you have to accomplish the same task with three helpers instead of four, you’d of course let one of your workers go.  And when a fellow employee asked you why you did that, you’d answer, “Because the boss told me to”.
—– If a company officer told you to make higher margins by automating practices, you’d comply because the company officer told you to.
—– If a bank told you they would only give you the loan if you tightened your workforce.  And they told you the top performing company did the same work with a leaner headcount, you’d rush to meet the standards of the top performer.
—– People are no different from others.  If somebody tells you to do something, you comply if they have power over you.  They can withhold your job.  Or they can withhold your company loan. Or they might just want to mess with you, to see what you’re made of.
—– But they’re messing with jobs.  And nobody wants to tell the powerful person, in your life, that they simply are wrong and going in the wrong direction.  Is the company’s target profit margin really healthy?  You say you cannot operate your business if the costs raise, but that’s really not true.  You’ve set your goal on a target profit margin, and you simply refuse to open the doors unless you personally are getting that profit, regardless of what anybody else says.
—– I submit that your target profit margin is a percent of infinity, and your target Participation Rate is zero.  It’s really a personality defect.  The industry told me to tell you that. Now pass the buck again.
Written April 9, 2016
Uploaded April 9, 2016
Copyright (c) 2016, K Jay Willis, All Rights Reserved.



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