No Photo Spring

All those conservative talk radio sites have a section where they post cheerleader photos. And usually the photos are of cheerleaders in compromising positions. But if you don’t want a photographer taking a photo of you in a compromising position, wear baggy clothes. I have found that the $15 Wrangler jeans from Walmart are the least attractive jeans anybody could buy. And the $20 khaki Dockers, did they wear at Best Buy, are the least attractive dresswear people can buy.  Those journalists to wear press passes, and just take pictures of cheerleaders in compromising positions, don’t deserve a press pass. And the conservative important discussions on The Talk Radio lose their urgency, when there’s a frame for pretty cheerleaders in compromising positions. I just don’t take your talk radio segment seriously anymore , when I see that. It’s like, do you want to discuss Social Security or immigration or abortion , or just look at a pretty sure cheerleader in a compromising position. In fact I’m surprised that some of the debate participants don’t even bring that up. Do you want to get elected , or just look at them pretty cheerleaders in compromising positions. Take it easy out and we’ll fix you up right now. Save the caller. Red flag on the play.


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