Career Ceiling – Single No Kids

Career Ceiling – Single No Kids
May 3, 2016
by K Jay Willis, BBA, BA, AAT-CIS
—– I’ll tell you the truth here. And diga me por favor. There are few solutions for single no kids, in the Participation Rate. But I assume that most U.S. citizens do want to start their working careers well. You either get a job, or you go to post-secondary school, or you go into the military or someone will put you in jail. Unless you are busy, trouble will find you. ‪#‎singlenokids‬
—– In the absence of gainful activity, take to your music, your songs and your instrumentals.
—– But magically the married people and the parents all participate in their own solution. Maybe it’s because they don’t have a choice; the court forces them to do so. And maybe they are all over-achievers. But they usually leave the job interview table with a win. As a divorced person, I’m in an entirely different statistical bucket; don’t worry about me.
—– But wouldn’t you like to leave the interview table with a win also? I don’t have all the creative solutions. A motivational customer service supervisor once told the employees to write their own scripts.
—– The tabloids and dailies won’t cover your massive joblessness, and apparent malaise, unless you voice your own concern. So ration a portion of your creative time, to directly overcoming the problem of your career ceiling.
Copyright (c) 2016 by K Jay Willis, All Rights Reserved


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