Favorite Hat for Good Walk.

by K Jay Willis, May 22, 2016
Physical fitness has similarities to studying. When we are studying, we need our favorite chair. We need our favorite beverage, and maybe our favorite hat, and our favorite climate-control. Maybe we need a little of our favorite music, radio, or video on the background. Physical fitness is similar, or it doesn’t work at all.
The list of comfort environments, that enable a good workout, is endless.  What works for one fitness enthusiast may inhibit a different individual.  When I use the word “inhibit”, I mean that the shoes of one fitness enthusiast will entirely stop the workout of another.  But unless an active person satisfies his own environmental list, the workout won’t happen either.
A personal trainer will ensure his relationship to the fitness client, if he asks questions and finds the comfort zone of his client.  Within limits, he wants to land the prospect, keep his prospect, and make sure his prospect achieves a maximum of success.
Copyright (c) 2016, K Jay Willis, All Rights Reserved.


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