The Walk for May 10, 2016, Tuesday

May 10, 2016, Tuesday
As I walked today, I talked and wrote this.
I was alternating lower body exercises with standing overhead presses and standing upright rows, and blew out my 5th finger and 4th finger. Now they won’t move easily. So I guess I’m going to have to back off from the 30 pound EZ barbell, and go to either a 20 pound EZ barbell or a circuit machine that doesn’t use hands.
A person just rotates the exercises around the injuries. You do lower body exercises until the adductors mess up on the hips. And do walking exercises until the plantar acts up. And do dips until the rotator cuffs act up and the wrists act up. And do chin-ups until the wrists act up. And I guess do overhead presses and upright rows until the 4th and 5th finger act up and just rotate between all geographic body anatomies. In that way I’ll be sure I still have general mobility. But I’ve never had any injury happen on the BOSU balance ball. But I do have a whole lot of people always walk in front of me, when I practice standing on one foot. It’s odd that way.
I think the biggest discipline I have when walking is to just avoid eating at every place that I encounter during the walk. For instance I could drop into dollar stores and get dollar packs of cookies. Or I could drop into fast food places and eat off the dollar menu which is grab-and-go. The biggest problem really isn’t walking in the morning when it’s cool, or the late evening when it’s cool. And the biggest problem isn’t stretching the plantar fascia or stretching the calves. It’s really just resisting dropping into places to eat. Because eating is a distraction and it’s more fun than walking; but after a good walk it could cost me upwards of $10 every time walking. And that’s no fun at all. The point really is walking, and then posting the walk so that other people see that I actually did walk one mile, two miles, five miles, eight miles or 10 miles. The biggest addiction used to be milkshakes. And at 500 calories for a large milkshake, that was terrible. And it also made me sluggish, so I didn’t want to do anything else. So it really helps to not eat a large chocolate milkshake, even though they do taste really good, or a strawberry or vanilla milkshake, or whatever the flavor of the day is.
Sometime today I’ll take all of these posts and migrate them over to the WordPress site, with a copy and paste. The point of Facebook is really graphics and short bullets statuses. But the point of the WordPress site is for people who like to read and want to read. So if there’s a post on a WordPress site, that’s 300 words, or 600 words, chances are the audience will read it. But if it’s on a Facebook post of 300 words or 600, chances are the audience will read the first five words and then ignore the rest. It’s too much bother. So I’ll take all of this statuses and move them over to the WordPress site. I already have one WordPress user who follows me specifically for my fitness posts.
I like walking early in the morning or late in the evening, because the sun is always on the south side or the north side of the road. So there’s consistent shade on the morning, while I can walk on the east side of the road shaded by trees. And in the evening I can walk on the west side of the road, shaded by the western sun. And I prefer walking in the cool of the day because I can walk with jeans on. There’s just so much, in the news, of people with indecent exposure in a metropolitan city like Atlanta. And I really don’t like those gym shorts, or even the LA style shorts and all that. Because if my signature is jeans, then the investigation would always go to somebody who had 1960s style shorts on instead. It just takes away the guesswork. So I like to wear jeans even when I’m working out, because I’m not breaking a sweat when I’m lifting weights anyway. I could be lifting weights for 15 minutes, or a half an hour, or 45 minutes or an hour, but I’d never break a sweat. But I’d still be gaining strength
I am one of the few adults in my late fifties who can do walks like this. Many people can only get into their cars, and go to the grocery store, and then get into their cars and go home. And they go to work the same way. They get into their cars, and go to work, and get into their cars, and come home. But beyond that they can’t do anything. And it really doesn’t matter how much they weigh or not. They could be thin people; but they’re not mobile at all; they can’t walk at all. And give them the least little breeze and they’re done. So I can still walk distances like this without really stressing it. I can walk distances like this and still be ready for more stuff in the afternoon without having to take a week off and recover. It’s a mighty thin dividing line, so I have to use the five mile walk as proof of my superiority over somebody else who’s competing for the same job. I’m the better choice and you know it, so you would give the job to me instead of the other person. And the other person will willingly do without, with my blessing. Because the pie really doesn’t get any larger. I need it for myself, for my ancestors, for my cousins, and for any possible legacy unlikely as that may be.
I think it’s important to note that when I do talk to strangers I’m very often coarse, brief, terse, and closed-ended. And when I exert myself the conversation skills aren’t quite turned on, and my mind isn’t turned on either. So when I meet somebody I’m more apt to verbally flip them off, when exerting myself. The point is to finish the walk, not to talk. And very often a passerby won’t have my best interest at heart at all. A passerby or traffic may want to take advantage of me. So I just always keep my guard up whenever I’m doing a walk, and it wouldn’t surprise anybody at all if I respond to that effect while walking either. So I’m just about always on defense mode when walking, and that’s what you get. I asked the cop one time while he was in his cruiser if it was okay to verbally flip people off. And he said he said that I could. He said that we can pretty much can say anything we want to , without getting arrested. And I remember that and use that. So if somebody was to say to me that I verbally flipped them off, the person that they talked to would say yeah I probably did. He does that all the time. So what else is new.
Feel free to ask me from where I get my creativity. Here’s one answer. I encourage my hunger and discount my comfort, while my family supports me. That’s a complicated way of saying that I sleep on the floor, with several throw-blankets and a stack of teeshirts for a pillow. That physical discomfort enforces a creativity, since it daily introduces an edge. Your company can own this edge also, if you own me.
I’m going to politely suggest that I need pay for play. I need somebody to bet on me, before I release photos. Otherwise it’s just a freak show, while an audience gawks at a mash-up of laundry on a floor.
Journalists make more money from relaying the stories of others, because there’s not much to speak of if the journalist only speaks of himself. There’s only one story from that one. But there’s a bunch of stories, when we speak of and about others.

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