Fitness Diary

Return to Cardio; Strength Achieved

—– My cashier job required that I stand for eight hours.  So I concentrated on the cardio quad of treadmill, stationary bike, elliptical and swimming.  But the customers expected strength as a bonus, and considered my ability to stand an entire shift only as routine.
—– So I changed my workouts immediately after the seasonal Walmart holiday job ended.  I substituted the four hours of cardio with one-hour strength sessions twice a day and four to five days a week.  But I also raised my daily protein intake to 120 grams from 15 grams average.  And I eliminated the cardio workouts altogether.
—– After six months, I can now do four sets of three chin-ups.  Before that routine, I did could do multiple sets of chin-up assists with 100-175, but I could not gain the muscle to lift my last 50 pounds.
—– Now I face a different situation, because I ignored the cardio workouts and ignored my heart and circulation.  My endurance, breath and legs are gone.  I’m not necessarily fat; the hot tub gives relief.  And on the plus side, my muscles are permanently strong because of the hyper-protein feedings.  I have the appearance, with shoulders and biceps, that the customers require.
—– So now I’m back to the the combined daily cardio workouts of one to two hours of treadmill, and one hours of stationary bike, and thirty minutes of elliptical, and 500m-1500m of swimming.  I’ll regain my legs, my circulation, my heart, my breath and my endurance presently.
—– At the end of August, I will have the best of both worlds.  I’ll have both strength and cardio-vascular health.  That was my goal all along.  I just wanted my health to outlast my bad luck.


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