Tutorial: SSL-Que Hora Es vs Jason Statham

—– The Spanish as a Second Language tutorial, was on future tense.  It was Dr Danny Evans, broadcasted on the AIB Network.  I listen to it while I’m eating my dinner, and while I cool down from running errands on my motorcycle.  I hopped in and out of Spanish courses at Georgia State University.  And I hung around language labs at both Georgia State University and Kennesaw State University.
—– While I did light assembly work, on a co-pack plant for JVC, I worked next to Hispanics and Latinos.  Frequently the female workers jokingly tried to partner me with their female friends.  I always turned them down, although I quite enjoy the microkini trend that the Mexican beaches, Central American beaches and South American beaches entertain.  And I quite appreciate their worship of cosmetic surgery, since it increases the natural beauty that all men seek for motivation to do their otherwise mundane jobs.  But I digress wildly at that thought.
—– The language labs were all based on cassette learning.  And I flattered myself that I could have mega-fluency as a James Bond polyglot.  My choices from the cookie jar were Spanish, Chinese Mandarin, Indian Hindi and Japanese.
—– But after my student loan money ran out, I ceased my language minor.
—– I really didn’t need any minor, because I was in the Computer Science department of the Arts & Sciences school, but I wanted a language minor anyway.  The narcissistic side of me said that I could finally learn anything the professors put in front of me, and said to me that time and money was limitless.
—– Well time has a limit.  And money has a limit. Prayers are certainly welcome, since I return them in similar attention and intensity.
—– Although I enjoy the puzzles of language, I am more into second languages for the money and for the love than any other reason.  My future family will gravitate to me if I have money through the second language skill, at which time compliance will be easy to get.  I mean I want to be honest with my motivations and be better than my competition.  Then they will only need me, and not need anybody else.
—– But I’m still pursuing my hobby of listening to Spanish as a Second Language, with Que Hora Es through Dr Danny Evans, on the AIB Network.  Of course I record it for later viewing and re-viewing. If you find anything in this kitchen sink, that you like, take it as seconds for leftovers for tomorrow’s meal; I worked hard on it.
—– The competition is high, but not against my peers or my roommates or even my colleagues in the workplace.  The competition is high since Dr Danny competes against Nicholas Cage, Sylvester Stallone, Jason Statham, Tom Hanks, Christina Baranski, Sharon Stone, Scarlett Johansson and the other blockbuster movies available as endless reruns.  If the stars win against my attention short-term, I lose long-term.
—– But I did at least watch the Que Hora Es show tonight.  And as background information, the microkini will always capture my attention more than Mr. Jason Statham.


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