QUE HORA ES? – Trabajando, comiendo,haciendo, escribiendo

—– QUE HORA ES, aired by the AIB Network 4.Aug.2016 Thursday, taught

  • Estoy trabanjando.
  • Estoy comiendo.
  • Que esta haciendo?
  • Estoy escribiendo.

—– It was much fun to listen and learn from Dr Danny Evans.  I always double the speed of the DVR playback, because he uses a lot of English to clarify the Spanish as a Second Language.  And I was so comfortable with his television class, but I wasn’t learning as much as I should.  So I doubled the playback speed, with the sound off, so I can learn the entire lesson.  And most of his Spanish course is on a chalk board, and dry-erase marker board anyway.  [Donate online to KeepYourHouse]

—– My past English professor, who also taught composition, always said we should write only one subject, out of the three that is in our brains, for clarity.  If we cover three subjects, it will confuse the reader who won’t remember anything.  But when writers expand on only one topic, the reader will at least remember that one topic, even if the universe of topics is incomplete on the broader subject at hand.  [Donate online to KeepYourHouse]

—– For that reason, QUE HORA ES entertained me, captivated my attention and educated me well on the words TRABAJANDO, COMIENDO, HACIENDO AND ESCRIBIENDO.

—– And if you want to learn Spanish as a Second Language, I recommend you do a channel search for the AIB Network, for his QUE HORA ES show.  [Donate online to KeepYourHouse]


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