Brother Gives Brother Three Employment

—– I’m the baby brother, and I will always be.  So everything is always higher than me and bigger than me.  On top of that, I enjoy fitness and nutrition, while I instead find that most associates enjoy being fixit people.  And people gather with those that are alike.  My gym memberships, aside from my two distinct undergraduate degrees of a BBA and a BA, have been among my best investments.  [Donate online to KeepYourHouse]
INTO FITNESS—– And I am the only one in my family who is actively into fitness.  I once got fired from a temporary job because I had gym responsibilities.  I worked out at the gym that day, and called in absent to my graveyard shift temp assignment.  They released me the next day, for failing to report to work.  [Donate online to KeepYourHouse]
SOUND OF VOICE—– I learned late, but from early years, that people didn’t like the sound of my voice.  I always liked my classes in primary school, middle school and high school.  And I enjoyed them so much that I always answered the teachers’ questions.  But most students know that everything said in class is test-able.  So when I would ask a course question, the other students rebelled.  I discovered in later years, that it was the reason for a lack of friends.  But I did get good grades, while I failed to notice my bullpen was empty.  [Donate online to KeepYourHouse]

GAVE THREE EMPLOYMENT—– The older brothers got me my first job, probably as urged through my parents.  I was the substitute city newspaper delivery boy in my primary school.  The older brothers came through again while I was in middle school, as I was the substitute lawn mower in Florida.  And in high school, they came through again referring me into a graveyard shift cashier job at a convenience store where they worked.  But between the three jobs, I got myself my first paying job as a busboy, then as a warehouse janitor, then as a summer organist and finally as a music store front-end cashier.  But it wasn’t until many decades later that I consciously tried to climb, ask for better positions, and ask for better jobs.  In my early years, I really just fell into jobs, took them, took the pay and floated onto the next one.  [Donate online to KeepYourHouse]
WHICH WAY? —– In job interviews, since everything is really about money for me, the authority figure always asks me to speak of myself.  But I know from earlier years that others don’t like me to speak or use my voice, since everything is test-able.  So I hear the authority figure asking me to speak on the one hand, and telling me on the other hand that he will punish me if I do speak.  And the authority figure used to be one of the peers who sat beside me, telling me to be quiet.  [Donate online to KeepYourHouse]
FIT OVER SLACK —– While I spend more time in the gym, I gain confidence doing the activities I value and at which I am skilled.  And while sitting at work, in the cafeteria, I’ve learned to use that fitness as a competitive tool against other employees who are unhealthy.  Others sacrifice their time and health, thinking they will get paid more for career perseverance.  But I counter that employees who are fit and healthy bring more to the company, than those who are sedate, whose heart and lungs are slack, and who can barely walk from the employee parking lot to their desks and back again.  [Donate online to KeepYourHouse]
ALREADY DONE —– I’ve already got my two distinct degrees.  And each work place indoctrinates new-hires into the company’s practices through on-the-job-training.  So I only need to compete during interviews and the workday, based on health and fitness.  I’m still the baby brother, and I always will be.  But now I usually win.  [Donate online to KeepYourHouse]


Since I’m on my own, I presume the above isn’t too (a) premature, (a) putting the card before the horse, or (a) presumptuous. [in the style of HER MAJESTY’S SECRET SERVICE , 1969] “Granted”.  “Your two weeks respite is granted.” “That will be all James”.


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