Under the Shade of The Olympics

—– These two weeks of Olympics television programming, on NBC channels, have made me feel wonderful.  I fully know that I lack the abilities and discipline of these athletes.  But I live through them and their competitions, just as I live through the manspread movies, the well-spoken talkradio shows, the brilliance of my past doctorate level professors, and the purchasing agents who issued seemingly blank checks for my own employee requests at past companies.  [Donate online to KeepYourHouse]

—– It’s best that I feel most comfortable in environments of athletic performance, rather than the other options.  The other sides each have their negative sides.  And I say that because my otherwise career history has been lacking.  Gyms and fitness centers have consistently been comfortable for me, aside from sports bars, movie theaters and restaurant buffets.  [Donate online to KeepYourHouse]

—– Traditional work environments have been my worst enemy, because I ignored nutrition and ignored the wellness that keeps people alert during the work day.  [Donate online to KeepYourHouse]

—– These Olympics motivate me in my corporate wellness, aside from actual athletics at which I will also lose.  And I can still gain motivation from professional celebrity athletes, whose revenue comes partly from motivating their actively engaged audience.  And I can still enjoy watching the Olympics.  [Donate online to KeepYourHouse]


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