Fitness Diary

The Two Thousand Calorie Workout, 10.Sep.2013


Journal Entry from MyFitnessPal

—– This workout routine clarifies a 2,500 calorie burn, that I did in 2013.  The target burn is 500 calories per hour, in either of the following cardio exercises.  [Donate online to KeepYourHouse]

  • Treadmill (1 hour at 3.0 mph with a 5.0% incline)
  • Stationary Bicycle (1 hour at 90 rpm with level 11 on the Life Fitness machine)
  • Rowing (1 hour going 3700 meters at 16 strokes-per-minute for 1025 strokes)
  • Swimming (60 laps which is 1 mile in an hour)
  • Elliptical (30 minutes at 4.5 mph at 300 calories with the level-to-match)



Journal Entry from Workout Notebook

[Donate online to KeepYourHouse]

—– The five different cardio-types spread the strain through many different body movements.  The body often incurs injury through repetitive movements.  So anything longer than an hour walk incurs one type of injury.  And anything longer than an hour on the stationary bicycle incurs a different type of injury.  [Donate online to KeepYourHouse]

—– Those who can maintain this level of activity in the gym can also maintain eight hours of physical activity in most working environments; of warehouse, of outdoor, of office, of call center, or of retail work.  And those who can maintain this level of activity can also burn the necessary calories required for weight control.  The heart and lung conditioning is also a bonus, since you are never going to get tired throughout your day.[Donate online to KeepYourHouse]

—– Workouts like these did improve my health, fitness and physical presentation so that employers hired me.  And I worked with customers in face-to-face F2F P2P types of jobs.  [Donate online to KeepYourHouse]



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