Louisiana Flood. 20Aug2016, Saturday

—– Louisiana flooding. —- Contractors and builders are known for making great foundations, great footers and wonderful pylons. I’ll agree that the solutions are sometimes expensive, but they are cheaper than rebuilding houses in known flood-zones. Knowledgeable people will agree that the entire state of Louisiana might be a flood-plain. I say that without buying a FEMA map. So call your local builder, ask them questions, and get a bid to make your house flood-proof. There’s no reason to just move out of Louisiana just because of a flood. Build your KeepYourHouse better with the help of a contractor, so you can Keep Your House. And yes, you can see the next one coming. Donate to KeepYourHouse. [Donate online to KeepYourHouse]
—– I use IHeartRadio, to see if my KeepYourHouse efforts are being used. I use that more than a regular AM/FM radio. And when I go to sleep, I just turn the sound off, so I’m still listening overnight, although I’m really not listening overnight. And sometimes in the grocery store, I turn the sound off. And sometimes at different times of the day I turn the sound off. Okay, I regularly listen to iHeartRadio with the sound off, so I’m on all day long. [Donate online to KeepYourHouse]


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