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WYAY Re-Launches Career

—– Social Media means actually calling television, cable, radio, or other broadcasting venues to present your opinion or to hear theirs.  [Donate to KeepYourHouse].

—– So Newsradio1067fm WYAY let me on twice this month, once on 12Aug2016 and again on 26Aug2016. I was flattered and did well, for those 2 individual short 15-30 second call-in spots. That’s a total of about 45 seconds, if that.  But I passed my Social Media goals for Aug2016, while I’m passing my Social Security goals in the 2020s. Please recall my inventions and initiatives: (1) Save The Caller, (1) Sympathetic Broadcasting, (1) Sympathetic Listening, and (1) Media Is The Mentor.  I’m not leveraging for a job; I just do this for fun, because it’s social media.  [Donate to KeepYourHouse].

—– And thanks again to the hosts and operators of WYAY. Their anchor shows are [It’s Only] The Kimmer Show in the afternoons, and The Shannon Burke Show in the mornings.  The hosts just asked,”All that for just 45 seconds?”  Watch out for Johnny Ho; that’s an inside joke. [Donate to KeepYourHouse].

—– Previously, I had two-months of airing 3-5 minutes a week on WGST’s THE COMPUTER DOCTOR SHOW, as The Gamemeister in the 1990s.  My in-person in-studio bit was terrible, although I enjoyed it.  And it was a great learning experience for me, although it was largely forgettable.  I think the host did everybody a favor, when he told me we were done.  I did it for free, and without complaint, and I’m still not complaining.  And I continue trying to forget those short bits, in jest.  [Donate to KeepYourHouse].

—– And I continue interviewing for my real gig, of either a cashier position or a delivery driver position.  Yes I actually AM interviewing F2F and P2P for those jobs, ask around.  And I leave promptly before incurring a Disturbing The Peace citation, ask around about that also.  And thanks again for the ride, WYAY.  [Donate to KeepYourHouse].


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