Industrial Topics Flat at Work

I can still recall a past job, where I AutoCAD drafted floor plans in 2D. But in a few months, I told the our client I can tie all the 2D files together into a 3D model of the entire building, that we can do virtual walk-throughs. The client rejected that innovation. I was and still am astounded at that. (1 of 4)
Frequently, I would go to the corporate lunch tables with the comment,”How about that game last night.” And my co-employees always said unfailingly,”I don’t get into all of that.” (2 of 4)
Every job has its professional organization. Accounting has the Accounting Association, etc. And the entry-level jobs also have theirs. You can join the National Safety Council, as an associate. But when I discuss that in the office, they always say it’s just not needed. (3 of 4)
So my co-employees all told me, over time, that they preferred to never hear any scholarly conversations, intellectual conversations, or conversations about our industry and trade issues. So I started bodybuilding and dieting, because power and strength is ALWAYS a good conversation piece. (4 of 4)
I can say,”I may not be smarter than you. And I may not be able to do my job up to your expectations. But I can still do more situps than you. And I can still do more pushups than you. And I can still do more squats than you. And my treadmill, stationary bikes, and rowing machine abilities are stronger and more energetic than yours. I can best your past.


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