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Ruining Resolutions

—– Some people who want to mess up other’s New Year’s resolutions, just don’t flush the common toilets. And it makes quite a distraction.
—– Many leave the common toilets unflushed. Then they declare themselves against others who have to have (a) everything just-so and (b) everything-in-it’s-place. It is great fun for them to distract.
—– But maybe it’s only around here, that they do that. They want to be the “first”. They want a name for themselves. And if we are the one who flushes the toilet in response, then “we’re the one” and “we’ll be sitting alone” without support.
—– I say all of that because I have wholesome goals I want to complete in 2017. And it gets difficult when others create their stinks, just to have their fun. And with that said, I probably won’t complete my wholesome 2017 goals anyway because of them.
—– But I will try anyway.
#newyearseve2017 #newyears2017

New Years Eve 2017


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