B2Bs Pay for Hurricane Harvey Victims

—– 4Sep2017, Monday
—– Those big BusinessToBusiness need to gift the Harvey victims of Houston and Rockport. But residents are stuck begging through the American Red Cross. Thoughts?
—– The entire Gulf is basically just one big “mancamp”, like in the oil fields of North Dakota. Texas oil producers should withhold their oil, pending cooperation from the dependent financial clients. The East Coast clients should pay infrastructure repair on the floods of Harvey.
—– Your thoughts on this, Joe? I mean, if you had a dependent with a talent; you would tell them to market it. And you’d refuse to pay..
—– It’s a pick-and-shovel philosophy. The clients will pass the costs to the end-customer. But It’s cheaper for the clients to restore the pre-existing infrastructure and re-hire pre-existing workers, than it is to re-locate the entire oil industry and hire entirely new oil employees. Harvey destroyed the town’s entire group of feed-and-seed stores.
—– The Keystone Pipeline depended on the end-terminal of Texas refineries. But it’s possible that Harvey just blew half of those refineries away. The logistics ladder, while dependent on Texas Gulf citizens, lost a leg.