Prayers for Longterm Employment or Fitness

I ask for prayers and luck for continued long employment with my employer or my chin-ups.
Dave Ramsey says that tithing is part of Financial Peace University.  I ask for prayers towards my (1) chin-ups, my (1) adductor machine, (1) the health of my hips, (1) my 180-degree leg splits, (1) my favorite online fitness instructors Zuzka Light and Kino Yoga.
I regularly practice fitness exercises and neuroplasticity exercises – POSITScience BrainHq, and Lumosity, and COGNIFIT.  Those smiles are another of my exercises.
Even in my pre-60s, I hope to eHarmony . com.
So I give a partial tithe to your ministry, in quid pro quo towards prayers and luck in my own employment.
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Fitness Diary, Opinion

Ruining Resolutions

—– Some people who want to mess up other’s New Year’s resolutions, just don’t flush the common toilets. And it makes quite a distraction.
—– Many leave the common toilets unflushed. Then they declare themselves against others who have to have (a) everything just-so and (b) everything-in-it’s-place. It is great fun for them to distract.
—– But maybe it’s only around here, that they do that. They want to be the “first”. They want a name for themselves. And if we are the one who flushes the toilet in response, then “we’re the one” and “we’ll be sitting alone” without support.
—– I say all of that because I have wholesome goals I want to complete in 2017. And it gets difficult when others create their stinks, just to have their fun. And with that said, I probably won’t complete my wholesome 2017 goals anyway because of them.
—– But I will try anyway.
#newyearseve2017 #newyears2017

New Years Eve 2017

Fitness Diary, Opinion

They Ruin My Diet

—– To keep with my 2017 diet resolutions, I throw out sugary and fatty foods. But people around me insist on cooking sugary and fatty foods in celebration of the holidays.
—– I tried throwing out their foods, in small amounts daily, until they are gone. But it takes forever.
—– I’m the only one who eats it. It’s a one-way conversation.
—– And these people don’t listen; they just keep cooking the offensive foods.
—– My own diet-discipline is nill. That’s why I don’t like them bringing crappy foods into my perimeter. But it’s well said that we cannot control the behavior of others. So I cannot insist that others cease cooking unhealthy foods.
—– It’s not funny.


New Years Eve 2017


Industrial Topics Flat at Work

I can still recall a past job, where I AutoCAD drafted floor plans in 2D. But in a few months, I told the our client I can tie all the 2D files together into a 3D model of the entire building, that we can do virtual walk-throughs. The client rejected that innovation. I was and still am astounded at that. (1 of 4)
Frequently, I would go to the corporate lunch tables with the comment,”How about that game last night.” And my co-employees always said unfailingly,”I don’t get into all of that.” (2 of 4)
Every job has its professional organization. Accounting has the Accounting Association, etc. And the entry-level jobs also have theirs. You can join the National Safety Council, as an associate. But when I discuss that in the office, they always say it’s just not needed. (3 of 4)
So my co-employees all told me, over time, that they preferred to never hear any scholarly conversations, intellectual conversations, or conversations about our industry and trade issues. So I started bodybuilding and dieting, because power and strength is ALWAYS a good conversation piece. (4 of 4)
I can say,”I may not be smarter than you. And I may not be able to do my job up to your expectations. But I can still do more situps than you. And I can still do more pushups than you. And I can still do more squats than you. And my treadmill, stationary bikes, and rowing machine abilities are stronger and more energetic than yours. I can best your past.


Ageism in Tech? They Almost Killed Me.

—– Ageism in Tech? They almost killed me because of this.

—– SCORES – I once suggested to the university career center that current OWLS, older learners, re-test while the testing is free. Then they can differentiate themselves from older workers whose degrees are more than 20 years ago. They refused, but I re-tested anyway for free.   [Donate online to KeepYourHouse]

LinkedIn’s editor Caroline Fairchild wrote the online article called NO ONE IN TECH WILL ADMIT THAT THEY’RE OLD (C. Fairchild, 2016). I wrote this essay to follow hers.

—– CURRENT – I got my BBA at 43, now 57. And I got my BA at 48. So both of my degrees are new, although they aren’t really really new. But we are never as smart as when we graduated university or high school. But still, the degrees of my 50s and 60s peers have aged 30 and 40 years ago. And my degrees are ten and fifteen years current.   [Donate online to KeepYourHouse]

—– DISABILITY – Many of my peers are leveraging for SSI and Disability Insurance. That umbrella really hurts active viable older workers who have not yet given up. They are trying to beat the age requirement of 62, while they are relatively still young men and young women.

—– But wait, because there is more.   [Donate online to KeepYourHouse]

—– SMARTER – I agree that active older workers play drag-butt with most of their fellow older workers. I play Lumosity, and several other neuro-science/neuro-plasticity computer games. Their statistics say that the smartest players are 20-25 years-old. And the statistics go down hill, in performance, from there. I now score in the top 25 percentile of the 20-25 group, because that is important to department heads and recruiters.

—– SINGLES – I started my own pro-employment marketing campaign called SNAK – Single No Kids. It included the empty-nesters and the divorced. It also included Generation Jones, the younger part of the Baby Boomers. I made in-roads with important people.   [Donate online to KeepYourHouse]

—– Yes. And there is yet more than that.

—– PROCESSES – Many older workers stay with old legacy processes. But younger workers learn on new processes because they constantly hang in schools with academia. Their legacy processes are two to five years old, instead of 20 to 30 years old. It is just a matter of scale. Younger workers are not deliberately creative or inventive; they just fall into it.   [Donate online to KeepYourHouse]

—– MEMORY – Younger workers deal with short-term memory while older workers deal with long-term. Really? Older workers enjoy Carly Simon and Journey. And younger workers enjoy Katy Perry, Miley Cyrus and Rhianna. But if older workers wanted to listen to current music, they can just turn the dial if they want.

—– There probably is some aggressive ageism in tech. But everybody enjoys a good fight, from the moment we enter the building until the time we leave the building. While the boss didn’t start it, they can enjoy watching us leave blood on the floor.   [Donate online to KeepYourHouse]


Solid Foundation for Good Future

—– Rise to the top because of harmony between peers, solid successful work and the praise of past bosses.

—– I’m well aware that the easiest way for co-employees to avoid work is to insist that I go to the boss for permissions.  And it’s all on the level of loading pallets and unloading pallets.  It’s all on the level of me getting another batch of survey forms to data input through typing.  And whenever I ask another co-employee for help, they always tell me to go to the boss because I shouldn’t tell them what to do.    [Donate online to KeepYourHouse]

—– But when I go to the boss frequently, even the boss rebels, because the boss knows their employee should have gotten along with me and cooperated with me.  So when the boss rebels, I end up going to his boss.  And that’s a lofty powerful experience, to go over the boss’s head, to claim that I’m not getting cooperation from my co-employees nor my boss.  It’s a recipe for disaster.  But that has been the past environments of work, that I’ve found myself in.    [Donate online to KeepYourHouse]

—– I find that fame is the same way.  Often others will tell me to talk to important people, just because it makes me look foolish.  And it shows that my peers have the power to refuse to cooperate on even the smallest things.  That’s certainly the wrong way for me to rise to fame.  If there’s any fame for me, it should be because I get along with people and have many friends.    [Donate online to KeepYourHouse]

—– My rise to fame shouldn’t be because I have to go over everybody’s head, and ultimately find myself talking with important people who incidentally always have a microphone in front of them or a camera in front of them.  I shouldn’t rise to fame just because I’m constantly complaining to them about the way my friends are, or my co-employees are, or my bosses are.  My immediate environment isn’t likely to change, because the world is what it is and we all need to accept people as they are.    [Donate online to KeepYourHouse]

—– Since we really need to accept people as they are, I often refuse to take that next fateful step off the cliff to fame, stardom and celebrity-status.  I need a solid foundation of stable income and solid friendships, instead of a foundation built on sand.  Surely the microphone and camera can spot frail celebrities; and the audience will use it without pause.    [Donate online to KeepYourHouse]

—– No, I do want the stable base-level job through which I can prove myself as a company-man, and as a base-level leader.  I want that, if my peers and prospective bosses will let me.  Because without that, I’ve lost everything anyway.    [Donate online to KeepYourHouse]

—– It’s said that those who haven’t made their own money are most apt to lose money, when it falls in their laps.  And I’ve never really made my own money, per se.  I need to do that.  I need to make my money as a responsible worker, instead of chase stardom through the warm milk and cookies of a magic good-looking celebrity or nice-sounding celebrity.    [Donate online to KeepYourHouse]

—– That’s why I want to be a cashier or a delivery driver for awhile.  But that hiring takes a dialogue and an agreement.  And after I’ve demonstrated that ability for awhile, maybe I’ll try the next brassring higher up.  And nobody can push me to do what I don’t want to do, or force me into actions that I deem are unwise.    [Donate online to KeepYourHouse]

Contributions, Opinion

WYAY Re-Launches Career

—– Social Media means actually calling television, cable, radio, or other broadcasting venues to present your opinion or to hear theirs.  [Donate to KeepYourHouse].

—– So Newsradio1067fm WYAY let me on twice this month, once on 12Aug2016 and again on 26Aug2016. I was flattered and did well, for those 2 individual short 15-30 second call-in spots. That’s a total of about 45 seconds, if that.  But I passed my Social Media goals for Aug2016, while I’m passing my Social Security goals in the 2020s. Please recall my inventions and initiatives: (1) Save The Caller, (1) Sympathetic Broadcasting, (1) Sympathetic Listening, and (1) Media Is The Mentor.  I’m not leveraging for a job; I just do this for fun, because it’s social media.  [Donate to KeepYourHouse].

—– And thanks again to the hosts and operators of WYAY. Their anchor shows are [It’s Only] The Kimmer Show in the afternoons, and The Shannon Burke Show in the mornings.  The hosts just asked,”All that for just 45 seconds?”  Watch out for Johnny Ho; that’s an inside joke. [Donate to KeepYourHouse].

—– Previously, I had two-months of airing 3-5 minutes a week on WGST’s THE COMPUTER DOCTOR SHOW, as The Gamemeister in the 1990s.  My in-person in-studio bit was terrible, although I enjoyed it.  And it was a great learning experience for me, although it was largely forgettable.  I think the host did everybody a favor, when he told me we were done.  I did it for free, and without complaint, and I’m still not complaining.  And I continue trying to forget those short bits, in jest.  [Donate to KeepYourHouse].

—– And I continue interviewing for my real gig, of either a cashier position or a delivery driver position.  Yes I actually AM interviewing F2F and P2P for those jobs, ask around.  And I leave promptly before incurring a Disturbing The Peace citation, ask around about that also.  And thanks again for the ride, WYAY.  [Donate to KeepYourHouse].