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Audible Radio vs Silent Pantomime

Radio is based on audible speech, without sight. But in-person communication is based on sight-driven mumbles, pantomime, mimicking, silent-laughter, and lip-reading. And when you put in-person people back-to-back, those who can audibly hear the others in the same room are the winners.

How do you reconcile the audible world of mass-communication radio mentors, versus the silent communication world of in-person communication?

The Marx Brothers


LIMITLESS vs LUCY. Which is Smarter?

—– Two movies show two heroes, of average intelligence, taking on the world by getting smarter overnight, but neither showcase blue-collar Do-It-Yourself skills.  LIMITLESS (2011) and LUCY (2014) both gauge their hero’s intelligence spurts by their ability to perform white-collar tasks.  In LIMITLESS, the hero learns martial arts in seconds, second language skills in hours, and day trader skills in days.  And in LUCY, the heroine learns language skills in seconds, martial arts skills in seconds, surgeon skills instantly and can cruise cellphone frequencies without a phone.

—– But many people judge intelligence by the ability to fix a car or fix a house.  I hope that writers and the movie industry can build-in several minutes of a hero doing the following tasks:

  • changing oil, oil filter and spark plugs
  • upgrading the burned out headlight bulb of a car.
  • upgrading a car’s wiper blades

And similarly I hope that the future heroine can go into a house to perform the following duties:

  • caulk a kitchen sink
  • exterminate an infestation in a bedroom
  • put new line into a weed-eater.
  • put a new coat of exterior white or interior white on an old house.

—– As a reward, people who can do those tasks should get a matching gift from somebody around.  It doesn’t have to be a sexual gift, since that play can turn off some audience members.

—– Many average people wait weeks and months to get their headlights legal and get the gunky oil changed.  I agree that the skills of a day trader are valuable, but barring that, many audience members will instantly fully appreciate a pest-free house, a leak-free sink, and a nicely trimmed yard..

—– So please add blue-collar skills into the high intelligence profiles of movie hero leads and movie heroine leads.


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